Female Mobile Support (FMS)

FMS provides ongoing case management, crisis response and a continuum of care to at-risk, exploited and trafficked female-identifying individuals aged 12 and up within flexible operating hours.

How does this program help?

In collaboration with nCourage, Peel’s anti-human trafficking integrated services hub, FMS supports vulnerable female identifying individuals who have been involved, are still involved in, or are vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation. The FMS Caseworker provides a strong mentoring relationship, encourages safe and healthy decision making, nurtures independence and skill development, assists in navigating systems, and facilitates connections and referrals to community resources.

What can this program do?

In partnership with the nCourage hub, FMS facilitates access to expedited supports and services in one safe location for individuals at-risk of, engaged in or transitioning out of sexual exploitation. Whether it’s finding a safe place to live, getting into school, finding a job, going through court processes, accessing supports and services, etc.

What services does this program provide?

FMS provides comprehensive case management to navigate, coordinate, and mobilize services. FMS and nCourage provide assistance with basic needs, housing, life skills, education, employment and legal support, counselling, safety planning, mental health services, medical care, substance use, pregnancy support, mentoring, advocacy, etc.

Who is eligible?

Female-identifying individuals age 12+ who have been involved in, or are still involved in, or are vulnerable to commercial sexual exploitation across Central Region.

Who can I contact for more information?

Program Coordinator
Telephone/Text: 416-312-6938
Email: htoutreachservices@efryhope.com

nCourage Hub
Telephone/Text: 905 568-1068
Email: referrals@ncourage.ca

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