Drug Treatment Court – Halton

How does this program help?

The Halton Drug Treatment Court program (HDTC) is a partnership between representatives of the Federal and Provincial justice system and the addiction treatment sector.  The goal of this program is to assist individuals in making changes to their substance use that result in positive outcomes and prevent the ongoing cycle or harm, including additional criminal justice involvement.

What services does the program provide?

Connections to resources, provided with support and direction to program graduation outcomes. Graduation Criteria:

The HDTC program may last up to one year, during which time participants must demonstrate the following:

Graduating from Drug Treatment Court is not easy. Throughout the year, participants are offered encouragement and recognition from the program staff and the judges. positive efforts may result in a reduction of bail restrictions, accelerated advancement through programs, and early graduation. 

Nevertheless, sometimes the rigorous schedule becomes too difficult, and participants may decide to withdraw from the program and be sentenced for their offences. 

For those who complete the program, the hard work is worth the effort. For our graduates, a drug-free future brings new hope and an understanding of past mistakes.

Who is eligible?

Accused persons charged with offences motivated by addiction are encouraged to apply.  The HDTC generally accepts adult offenders dependent on cocaine, crack cocaine, heroin or other opiates, or methamphetamine.

Persons charged with Criminal Code offences: 

Not Eligible:

Residential break and enter/ drinking and driving/ offences involving children/ violent offence/ domestic offence.

Who can I contact for more information?

Scharlean Glagow-Allen 
Manager of Community Justice Programs
Telephone/Text: 905-867-7721
Email: Efry@efryhope.com

E FRY Hope and Help for Women
44 Peel Centre Drive, Suite 200 
Brampton, ON L6T 4B5

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