This year we are celebrating our 50th anniversary as a women’s organization in your community. We are grateful to have been involved in so many lives where we have helped women make changes in their life pathways. We will continue to celebrate the successes of our clients and our work in the community, providing help and hope!

Everyone deserves a life of dignity, regardless of their circumstances or their past mistakes. 

E FRY Hope and Help for Women advocates for and uplifts women and girls at a higher risk of experiencing violence, poverty, and incarceration.

Yes, we are a not-for-profit, but more than that, we are a community of warriors. Alongside partner organizations and volunteers, we work hard to advocate for justice, provide resources to the most vulnerable, and keep people safe.

We approach this work with compassion, grit, and tenacity.
Everything we do is to help females at risk of violence, abuse, and exploitation live healthier and safer lives. That is why we work on prevention and reintegration and advocate on their behalf. We show up every step of the way because that’s what builds intimacy to the issues, insight into the system, and the relationships required to change policy.

We want all females who experience improper treatment, service, and care to be seen, understood, and get what they deserve, including housing, education, job training, counseling, and police care.

Our goal is to ensure that no woman or girl is left behind.

Our Programs & Services

Our youth programs are gender specific and we strive to build resiliency and sustainable coping strategies for the young women we serve. Our programs and services are free and available by reaching out to our dedicated case workers.

Our adult programs and services are geared to providing assistance in acquiring new skills that promote development of constructive behaviour. These services are free and can be accessed by reaching out to our dedicated case workers.

Donate To E FRY

Individuals, groups, and corporations may make a donation to E FRY Hope and Help for Women via cheque or money order or online by clicking on the yellow button.

Our Funders

Ministry of children, community and social services
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Ontarion Ministry of Solicitor General
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